Trowse Grid to Thorpe Grid


Surveying Services
Trowse Grid to Thorpe Grid


  • To complete a feasibility study of the area for the replacement of 132kv overhead power lines
  • To check the proposed route for two separate directional drills in the area, covering a combined distance of over 1.6km
  • Working on the area between Norwich and the Norfolk Broads meant that we had to navigate the tidal waterways and heavy vegetation as well as the existing water, sewer HP Gas and Pumping Station


  • To complete our own feasibility assessment of the proposed route which included a site walk, TOPO, taking river depths, trial holes and existing service mapping
  • To provide a full CAD model of the site which allowed for various routes to be investigated before selecting the most compliant
  • Engineered around existing sheet piles and obstructions to propose effective route for UKPN

Results and Benefits

  • Produced a new fully compliant design route for UKPN