Tesco’s trusted long term consultancy partners


Utility Design
Tesco’s trusted long term consultancy partners


  • To work with Tesco and its contractors on disconnections, diversions and new supplies to solve the problem of stores not opening on time or opening with temporary supplies
  • To enable Tesco to fulfil its obligations under the CDM Regulations



  • To create a true partnership by working closely with Tesco’s pre-development team, construction team and main contractors
  • To ‘manage down’ utility costs
  • To mitigate programme risk


Results & Benefits

  • Having worked together over six years on 150 new stores, not one has opened late or on temporary supplies
  • Utilities have been delivered on time and on budget time and time again
  • Tesco saved more than £2million via Source’s challenge of quotations on on-site works and at least the same again through negating the necessity for utility diversions through integration with the store design teams