New Cable Route at West Weybridge

UK Network Power

Civil / Temporary Works Design
New Cable Route at West Weybridge


To design a new 2km, 132kV cable route from a substation to a switching station at West Weybridge, Surrey, passing under the M25, another major road, a canal and a railway
To respect and balance the interests of multiple landowners and other stakeholders


To design three horizontal directional drills up to 22m deep and 300m long so that settlement under the roads, canal and railway was minimised within acceptable limits
To reassure the client and stakeholders by including in the designs geotechnical analysis of the existing strata, predicted settlement calculations during and after drilling and devising a suitable monitoring regime
To demonstrate capability and competence through multiple iterations within the design phase

Results & Benefits

Designs approved by Network Rail, the Highways Agency and Surrey County Council
A comprehensive detailed ‘buildable’ design approved by the client and backed by relevant reports and calculations
Stakeholders could continue to use their land as normal as settlement was minimised