A Network for Hull – From concept to detailed design


Utility Design
A Network for Hull – From concept to detailed design


  • To enable the construction of an 85km duct and fibre optic cable system in Hull by taking it from concept to detailed design
  • The client had developed a modern fibre system that could manage the modern wideband electronic requirements
  • Potential customer demand was predicted using the extremely accurate Q-GIS postcode system from Ordnance Survey (OS) that provides business and residential property numbers in a densely populated city environment


  • To provide three interconnected fibre rings around the city
  • The initial phase was to provide a provisional duct route on OS tiles to connect a number of previously arranged buildings that were to house the main hub sites
  • The second phase was a walk-through site survey to prove the initial desktop route drawing. At the same time, the fibre, city-wide design was completed in-house. Building surveys for the 40 hub sites were completed during this period
  • On completion of both phases an in-house team was responsible for designing both the duct and fibre system to ensure compatibility

Results & Benefits

  • Detailed surveying and feasibility drove improvements in design throughout the process with Source’s experts delivering efficient designs that allowed savings through the construction phase
  • A communications network designed from concept through to detailed design including fibre and civil elements
  • The complete design was uploaded to the client using its Q-GIS system